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Cookies and salad January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

The toughest month of the year is just about over, with the a close second being  the next one and the next one after that. No one complains about July. Just the heat if there is any here. Last year was so wet the dog got mould. Today is not a record breaker, but it is raining and going to a high of +8C. (the record was 16 at one time in recorded history,)

I missed boot camp because of the fall on Friday. Last night was the first night back in three days. Which may not seem like a lot, but it was swimming underwater. Slow and slower. It may have been all the sugar and salt I ate over the weekend while not doing a whole lot….  Well the fat cells are plumped up let me tell you. Thought I would give myself on a holiday.

I walked thru the woods with the dog, and that was nice, and I thought what would go with this ??? Hot C and I OFF! I  went to purchase it with the requisite cookies. My defense was thecookies were on sale. I walked in the door at the store and I bought not one but two boxes. Then a guest arrived, with a lemon meringue pie. Almost leading to a near death experience (mine this time) at boot camp.

I have washed the long underwear in preparation for the homecoming of winter.  I have to tell you wearing thick heavy sweat pants and baggy sweaters do not lend themselves to a salad, soup maybe. Today I am in short sleeves and what seem to be very tight jeans. This is in addition to is seems like my hair is getting darker, I am not sure if that is because I am not getting any sun, or if the shampoo and conditioner is not stripping the colour out of it, or it is dying my hair black.

The day was spent yesterday brushing Lucy. I vacuumed before hand as is my custom it seems. Then several bags full of fur  came off of her. She was tired of the tugging I am sure as I only did half. While she was blissful I told her baby story about coming to live with me and what a good dog she was too. She then looked for my hand and stuck it in her mouth. Thumb side up.  Went to sleep. Off I went for a nap too. Joy oh bliss, hugs to all,


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