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Patience is a virtue Jan. 19th, 2012

January 19th, 2011

While walking the dog down by the river, before going  to go to a Superhero workout,  a potential lady guest phoned from a gigantic hotel down the street saying they were full and did I have rooms. She wanted to see the space and sat in the driveway until I had powered the dog and myself up the street. The dog of course should have been cleaned up better but her paws did get a swipe.

The potential guest gives , a bad name.  She had Ontario plates on her car, claiming to be a goal setter for the school systems teacher  along with being a realtor in Ottawa. (I don’t make this stuff up) We toured the bedrooms available.  She then proceeded to tell me how to run a bed and breakfast.  She signed in and left her shoes in the middle of the foyer going to the stairs. She complained about the heat, the lock on the doors, and the bathroom, the wireless connection and the star rating system.

She informed me she was allergic to tree nuts then ordered peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast. I explained it was crunchy peanut butter when she asked what the bits were in it. She asked for extra pillow cases and make clear I should purchase the one with zippers to encase the pillow. I told her that they were already on and required for my licence.  I handed her the extra ones while she followed me into the laundry room after I told her to stop. She could not understand how I could eat such a big bowl of oatmeal, and it was the first thing we agreed on. I can’t either.

She is gaining weight she claimed and usually only “eats smoothes for two meals a day.” She is uncomfortably thin. Originally from Thunder Bay a known frigid area of the country, she wore just an open jacket and shoes. Asserted she moved to Ottawa as she hates the cold, I guess it depends on your perspective.  

I asked her if she was tired, her response was she said exhausted. She was a two week road trip teaching goal setting and this weekend driving to New Hampshire to go to a class reunion at Dartmouth. Isn’t that an Ivy league school?

Wanting to “just fall into bed, which she did“ She went out for the night and was the last one in. She ended up at the new sports bar I did not know was open. There she met a judge for the skating competition and watched the hockey game.  Leaving her running shoes on the hardwood floor and not entrance hallway.

It was explained to her  where and how to park in the driveway. She asked for a shovel and proceeded to shovel the lawn to park the car on it beside where I indicated. I don’t know just where the shovel is at the moment.  I went outside and explained to her she did not need to shovel a thing and stood in the place and indicated the diameters of where to park in the driveway. I returned from boot camp, she had her car in backwards. However there was enough space for the other guest to get out this morning.

I tripped over her shoes on the way to let Murphy out this morning She gave me the time she wanted to eat. It was two minutes to the appointed time and cooked. Said she would be down in 15 minutes. Mere minutes later, she came downstairs in her panamas, hugging her hoodie over them.  Asserting that she was not a morning person.  She tucked her feet under her, on the chair.

She did not drink the tea but was appreciative of the apple juice because she was not feeling well.  Other people would have finished meal. She asked for it to be left as she was in a “time crunch“, I knew she would not be back to the table leaving half bowl of oatmeal and pot of tea while she went and showered. Enquiring  where the soap was while standing beside it at the sink in the bathroom.

She left the door open to go and start the car and come back with a travel mug. I did find the shovel . She did not comprehend why I was boiling the kettle to warm up her to- go mug that had been in outside in her car. She poured tea I made in the pot in after she washed her mug. (The weather has plummeted over night but nary a drop of snow.)  She only got to her car before she dropped it.

I was notified however if she was ever back this way she would be back. We live in hope. "Every person is a new door to a different world."

The bed is stripped of its three pillow cases and for good measure the mattress cover. Just for something to do.

Boot camp saw us doing Spiderman push ups and leaping on the  boson balls.   An easy workout was how it was sold to us. If my arms don’t fall off I will be lucky.

I also dropped three tea bags in a cup and it is just 9 a.m. Wish me luck..

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