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Mental Health? January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012

Spent some time tracking down tickets to “Women and Wellness” which I have heard involves chocolate and wine, in addition to what sounds like an inspirational speech from a woman, who is or has recovering from a mental illness. I had to call three times as the receptionists cut me off, the last time she apologised as she was new to the job. I mentioned to her I too have obsessive compulsive tendencies as I called back the final time.

In a recent email my nephew visiting in Africa claimed that he had “academic induced pattern recognition syndrome.” I hastened to tell him it was genetic as all his aunties had it not to mention his father, my brother could recognise a pattern before it formed. I did not mention however, it is the first step to “fanatical compulsive disorder“, then “squirrel away syndrome” starts with having a house, or just plain space that you have fill up. He will come by his obsessions honestly. Look at the crap in my basement. My younger sister claims to have taken 9 years to move from one city to another because of all her stuff and paid to have it stored! There is now a TV series about hoarding, it not my sisters, but other people. How insane it is.      

The price of admission is zero, to the aforementioned event, how crazy is that? Invitations to come. I did manage to not tell them about my full psychological health status. I could not remember the name of the women I wanted to invite, so there was a mention my menopausal mind.

I checked my reservation book and I have a geologist staying. With hopes that the rest of the crew that comes alternative years comes to reside, so the only time I could be full in February is that weekend.   This is after the date I have with the eye doc at the clinic so will see how far I get.

I waited for the snow to fall to walk Lucy, and yet another trip to the library. I get really nervous, about not having enough books on hand for the weekends. It closed on Sunday. I could also, maybe, get some guests as the whole city is supposed to be full with skaters. I have to call all the hotels and let them know, they possibly do, and maybe could send some travellers my way. This means that I will be up at midnight letting them all in, the things you do to pay a mortgage. I watched the sport channel and there are not a lot of seats sold for the events in fact, there is no one in the stands.

The internal debate of should I buy a litre of cream, or not. Eggs are on sale someplace and will spend more money looking for them“ starts another psychological state with the groceries. I ran into the lady of the flyers who will not be delivering them any more as the ice conditions make her anxious. I  understand as in my new penguin boots l did not land a flying leap too well, I have a four inch bruise on my hip, with aches and pains in my neck and wrist.
I did persuade her to accompany me to the grocery store to pick up  a half litre of cream and eggs, thus, making sure no one checks in.

At the store, I managed to corner the grocery manager. I was looking for my secret weapon bullion cubes with no msg in beef flavour. While handing him a card a gentleman down the isle said “what would your husband say about handing out your name and number to a strange man?” The manager turns cherry coloured  when out of my mouth flies, “but I love a man in uniform.” He was standing there in his apron provided by his employer. He said he would get back to me about the beef cubes. I then turned to the gentleman and said well that “is too bad that I am not married.” He grinned and OFF! We went for another isle of fun and adventure.

My little student let me know he was going home for the weekend. I am stripping a bed down to the mattress at 2:13 pm which almost guarantees that at bus load of tourists will come to my door looking for every room I have and won‘t stay because I am one room short.

I managed to strip the room down and have not one phone call but my older sister who told me it was warm and sunny, in Texas. It is not here.

SO I have three dozen eggs in the fridge, and no one to eat them……my life “When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.” Oscar Wilde.



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