Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Jan 26th, 2012

Tempus fugues, seize the day and all that. I was thinking to myself, yes time is airborne, I do want to do all that, seize the day, venture forth. But   Visions of canoeing across the lands, rollerblading in January, writing the next great American novel dance in my head.  I observe myself very carefully.  I waddled to the kettle  a vision in pink, turn on the kettle  and then hop into kitchen duty. The French toast cooks. I stumbled around cleaning, this is not in fact what I call an inspired life. I did re-arrange photos on sills while cleaning and bought red tulips this week.

Boot camp brought the bear walk. I am still standing but last night just barely made it to bed. The Bear Walk is where you lift your knee two inches off the ground, back straight and tippy toe forward and backward to the trainers inspiration. I threw a chicken in the oven and it was done when I got home thank God/dess . I sluiced the salad dressing off my forehead, from where I had lay my head down in at dinner. This morning when I finally got to have the salt bath. I know salt is salt but is Epsom salt the same as sea salt?    

I waited until I was extremely famished to go and purchased groceries for the biggest storm of the year if the weather person is to be believed. I came away with 2000 pounds of frozen lasagnes   I have been eating bags of sugar and suitcases of salt waiting for inspiration to hit, so this is an improvement believe me.

We don’t measure time in reverse do we. It is a month since Christmas  and the new Year has started.  I am just getting organised to do my resolutions for this year Previous lists are still posted on the fridge, Suggestions included, new patio furniture, which I purchased and is stored in the garage, that needs replacing. The other thing on the list is painting  the inside of the house, that only took 11 years. New car was on the list for several years, and is now complete until the next oil or lube job needed. Dance more is still there and underlined, and only gets done when there is an inspiring piece of music on the radio every morning. Mediate more will probably not happened as I go to sleep too fast only seem to do it when I get into bed. Mountain bike is on it and has been for a while but I hesitate as it means leaving the dog behind.  Various numbers list the mass I would like to be, all with exclamation  marks. I have the pictures of me at various stages for motivation  I am waiting for a career to hit me in the head.

I am waiting for incentive, stimulation, encouragement, impetus in other words oomph. Others seem to have it.   Remember, man does not live on bread alone: sometimes he needs a little buttering up.” John Maxwell.

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