Thursday, 10 January 2013

Another day

January 29th, 2012

I am confused I think I sent you a letter, with the incorrect date, now I losing whole months, not just days. For heaven sakes.

I went to bed really early yesterday thinking that I would get up and gobble some oat meal four hours in advance of a 10 am boot camp. No guests scheduled.  Here I am alone at the keyboard. Just you and me baby and the piece of plastic from the fridge I don‘t want to throw away until I know I won’t fix it.

Day two of water logging, and I did not make to the amount of water that I was supposed to consume I did however get up a lot thru the night.

I did not go to boot camp, no I watched Mad Men on TV, as I don’t seem to have enough of them in my life. Then watched Die Hard 2. The pandemonium, the violence, the bedlam, the blood, the guns, if you take all that out, the movie would have been 15 minutes.

We had after the storm, very spring like weather, walking in the park, trouble-free. Lucy did not have to perch to poop. A while back pre storm she was on a slight icy incline and could not get a grip ( I often complain of the same thing) and slid down the slippery slope while in a frog like position.  I was just trying to stay upright.



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