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January 28th, 2012

January 28th, 2011

Last night was full of activity in the bed and breakfast. Because it snowed on a Friday night. I of course went off to boot camp and played with hula hoops, and lived. This is not what you think it was. You are remembering  waist jerking movements and tubes of plastic whirling around. It takes training to relive childhood games. Muscles do not remember. But that is not what we did. No this was going to be much hard going. We warmed up doing stairs for 7 minutes in the arena. Then went to play with the hoops.

Stretched out on your tummy you lift you chest off the ground hands gripping the neon pink hoop which would become purple from my holding on to it for support.  Then bend said hoop in or out depending on instructions for two minutes. The other end was hoops on ankles and lift your feet off the ground. On it went for a solid hour.

Cardio was salted between. I beat my world record personal best at skipping, with a rope. That takes dexterity. I quadrupled my count. It has only taken me since may to do this. My quads from Weds were killing me and breathing which seems so simple when you are sitting around reading seemed not be a reptilian a response as I would have liked.

The music at the end was something I could identify “ the girl from Ipenema” I told my fellow worker-outers people that I had been to the bar in Rio where the song was first written. They were speechless, more to do with the strain of the warm down than my ever have been young, slim and had colour applied to my hair. I had told the trainer that I had not lost a pound, not shifted any sizes in clothes, but I could now lift up small buildings.   One of the women who teaches anatomy wanted to know if I took pro-biotics as it is mind boggling to her that I could be doing this much and still have plumped up fat cells.   Me too, you would think I would have gotten used to this by now.

You will be pleased to know I had a salad this week sometime, in my journey thru my yearly new years resolutions. I had written, but not sent some of the goings on about that, but they were just jottings on the page, as it were.

Given there was a snow storm forecast I purchased a ton of frozen lasagne and spring rolls. The latter is an example of you should never go shopping hungry, the former as on sale and now could feed a family of 12 comfortably.  The difficulty with the lasagne is that it takes about 50 minutes then 15 minutes and then another 15 minutes to cook.  That is too complicated for the first time cooking to throw in the oven pour sauce on it and head off to boot camp as I usually do.

The fancy dancy pasta may (I bought two) will be like the turkey I purchased for my birthday and took home to eat for Christmas. The stars have to align with the right time and enough people to eat it. The problem is what if there is another sale of something? I have all this stuff in super huge quantities cluttering up the freezer. If I cooked it according to the directions, I will be eating it for the rest of my life.

All this diversion to get to how busy things were here last night. Because of the storm no one left. I collapsed with a book I had already read, thinking I hadn’t until I got past the initial murder and mayhem. I hasten to add I had made several trips to the library and thru the new system they have to order books to have at least 20 books. To quell my anxiety they are  sitting in the living room.

I organised the animals and took five books to bed with me only to discover the most recently taken out was one I had read. I had also taken out two with about 1000 pages each, meaning to tackle them between bouts of consumption of bags of sugar and then alternatively bags of salt. You can never eat too much in a storm I say.

In my quest for health and beauty, one of the books I had taken out, also stated that you needed 4 quarts (American book) per 50 pounds of body weight. Incredible just how much toilet paper one can use in search of health.  Does tea count? I decided that at 11 pm when I arose to turn out the lights I should drink a litre or two of aqua sans gas mineral. (Portuguese for water with no bubbles.)  I was up and bubbling thru the night let me tell you.

This has led me to new resolutions as the ones made at the beginning of the year were discarded as fast I could write them. Now I have posted new mantras on the filing cabinet to clutter up the office. I also went around and switched the pictures I have littering  up the house and put  the cat dog in the kitchen in hopes of better “fen shway. “

I have put two pictures of me that were taken when I hit my goal weight for a minute in 1974 or was it 1975  or 1978 and went to Brazil. One of the photos has me holding my godson in a dress I purchased there and kept for a million years. He is now 24 or 21 or could have slipped into being 40.  The other is from a wedding and two friends, dressed in wedding ceremony finery. To fast forward thru life is incredible.    

My horoscope all week form a reputable on line newspaper is still yelling at me to get my act together with regards to finances.  I have vowed not to read it again until the fortunes improves.

Soon I will have to go and get fully clad to wake the kid who came in just before the snow removal people arrived clearing  the driveway at three in the morning.  I need his keys which I have not instructed him to leave downstairs as I usually do.

I will have to move his car as the other lady, who got up at 6 for a cigarette, and I got up too, to bubble. She is leaving for Boston today needs to get her car around his. Normally if everyone parks like they are supposed to, everyone can get out. She is gone for breakfast with her daughter and will return in time for me to make my breakfast and let it get cold.  

I noticed the kids parking when I got up to wish the  snow removal people a happy new year, when they loaded their machine into the truck. I am not sure they practice new years traditions as the wife has on a long skirt to shovel snow, so they may be a practicing Christian sect.

The car was parked indiscriminately.  I have to say I was incredible in getting my car in reverse in a snow storm around two cars in the driveway. Good or what.
So now I sit, waiting to clean, the second floor and then hit the books. I could go to boot camp but they make it too early for me to get there.   There is more to life than increasing its speed. Mahatma Gandhi  Hugs,


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