Thursday, 29 November 2012

Another day January 17th, 2012

Jan 17th, 2012

Difficult to get a good thump at the day, when the temperature high is going to be -15.  Huddling around the computer seems like a good idea, waiting for emails to respond to.

I have purchased two new pairs of sun spectacles , but really they are waiting for the summer. Because I wear so much to go outside they lower my ears by about an inch when I put my headband on. And making my nose look fatter than it already is.

I noticed a that a lot of the women wore bright colours down the isle of the Golden Globes. This is good, as I have a lot of red as accents this year in my snow suits. I throw a lot of purple around too, as it seems that makers of clothes thing that woman my age like it. It goes with the died red hair and crows feet.

Kitty litter awaits since the Murphy cat is not doing anything but staying inside and sleeping. (One of my favourite activities)

I have put off doing laundry as it takes more electricity to dry everything that I am storing in the washing machine. I am also hoping the fridge cleans itself. The oven is supposed to but I have never seen it do that without my help. I should go and one of those machines that cleans rugs, but since I am having difficulty getting anything done it too shall pass.

My marketing ploys included calling a  massage therapy place. They are having a seminar later this month. The good news is they have heard of the Downtownbnb.
As the woman had been an executive assistant in the Lord’s government AND had heard nothing but good things. The problem was they are also offering the seminars in the north of the province so no one is travelling here to attend the seminar.  Poop Onwards.

The walk was actually bright and sunny, with Lucy turning into SUPER! Dog. Defending me from an odd looking person out walking in the park. Odd for two reasons, one they were walking and two they too were bundled up like a freedom fighter. I looked like a bank robber, with my baklava the only thing showing was my  eyes. The other person looked exactly like me and something about that
disturbed the girl dog.

Boot camp was its customary nature. The instructor was a new girl who learned her lessons well and we went thru the paces at a good clip. We all were complaining we were sore from the class on Friday and here it was Monday and about to do it again. Crazy or what.  I did however find out that the “old” trainer girl who went off sick was from Pte Claire, gone to McGill and Concordia and followed a similar life path as I. We may know people in common, or I at least babysat her.

Hugs !


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