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Clementine cake January 10th, 2012

January 10, 2012

The day began with my recurring guest for breakfast. He will because of his recurring,  pay part of the mortgage. Somebody has to. He is here about once a week and received French Toast for his labors  When he arrived last night, I could not talk which is what one expects if you are the host of a bed and breakfast, having just returned from boot camp.

It feels like my arms are on hinges and very rusty ones at that. We hung from cables twice thru the stations. One push ups and the other pelvic tilts, hovering two inches off the floor with no net.  All of which they assure me is to strength your core.  And a third from another ring hanging from the ceiling looks like a pole dance. One had to plant your feet so you can lean back and touch the ground with your hand then bring said hand up and touch the cable. Upon my return home, I made soup. Watched it cook and some TV. I can’t say I overcooked it as the legumes were tough when I fell into it. 

While eating tough soup, I watched a very funny Brit Coms that I have to tell you about the “Vicar of Diblee,” a TV show on Vision Television. (On Weds night at 9? But that could change.) The  assistant was reading a passage from the Bible and mixed up all the letter s with f. The Vicar jumped up and interrupted with the word, succour. Hilarious. I just discovered the program with my mother over Christmas, but apparently this has been on for years. My bed was screaming for me and OFF~ I went.

The doorbell rings after breakfast and before vacuuming.   My neighbours son that I waved at thru the window earlier in the morning,  brings his 8 month old son to inspect. Square, no teeth, blue eyes and all the asked for  fingers and toes. Cute as a button in his alligator overalls. Wonder if they make the overall in my size.

The day was filled with such excitement as purchasing kilos of dog food in my new sunglasses. Red seems to be my colour of 2012.  The sunglasses that were on sale at the local pharmacy. I purchased two pairs. The red pair has flowers to go with & to match the car.( I noticed recently that the new to me little red car seems to have eyelashes.) Red mittens completed the purple dinosaur coat ensemble. I tie the dogs leach orange around my waist and the walk the dog in this ensemble. Every colour under the sun is attached to my body in the amble. I think Lucy chases squirells just to get away from me.  

But in the meantime I determined that I had leftover Clementine’s. Fruit that needed to be used up. I Googled recipes.The recipe that was very easy, using a hand held blender, and the food chopper (I got as a gift from my older sister a few years back). I had gone grocery shopping purchasing extra eggs but had not gone thru the recipe at all and found that I did not have the pan or the ingredients, like 2.5 cups nuts.
The recipe calls for cooking them for two hours on the stove slowly but I do not have the patience.  I filled up a pot with water and placed the fruit gently the oven with the rest of dinner.

While they were simmering and dinner cooking, I went for a walk with the intention of visiting a neighbor along the way to wish her a New Year. I had a bowl of soup many hours earlier barley was able to put one foot in front of the other, staggering back home as the glucose levels seemed to drain out of my feet .I waited until the rain and hail started then set off. I leaned into the sludge coming down, making sure that everything got soaked. I then turned around and made sure the back of me got it as well.

I had been trying to cut the calories that go into my mouth.  Somehow had the presence of mind to manage to eat a salad while the chicken, and the Clementine’s cooked.  I posted the recipe on face book and almost get into a fight with about  how much flour used in the cake. Hard to believe a cake without flour, but there you have it. The joys of social media…. I had not tasted the thing yet.  I now have two cups of Clementine water, that I may use to poach the salmon in tomorrow, and on it goes ….

Maybe I should have waited until the thing comes out of the oven before announcing my intentions and subsequent actions “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.” (C.S. Lewis)

Hugs waiting  for the taste test!



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