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Post clementine cake January 11, 2012

January 11,2012
The Clementine cake looks like a patio stone. It took ages to cook and then when I pulled it from the oven it was still clammy. It could be that it called for 5-6 pieces of fruit. I don’t know just how many I put in it. I am of the “more is better” school. I have left it on the counter waiting for it to dry. I may make more for the backyard.

All that effort not to eat or at least restrain myself in calories alone, was for not.. For a the wet damp cake. A huge chunk has disappeared out of it. I have to admit the sender of the recipe said it would be improved the next day. It tastes like marmalade and toast but better. I had to make it as the lady who via the computer sent me recipe also brought me the 2.5 cups of nuts and pan to bake it in. I had not read the recipe well, but had manage to get the extra eggs it called for. So I was trapped into baking something I did not want to eat. Then via the computer, I had to dissuade another individual that the cake did not need flour. Legal Tortes don't have any, either.

It called for buttering a elaborate pan that has a latch on the side and parchment paper. Other women would have trimmed the paper to fit the pan and I just left it hanging over the side as that came in very handy. I just hoisted the whole thing out when the time came to get it out. I had learned this from my banana breads I just use the too much paper  I lift it straight out of the spring form without using the latch provided.

Another use for the Clementine water could be for chicken soup base. I have a number of friends who are in need of soup as they have colds and flu’s. One husband and wife team had two different types and were giving themselves each others. Could drop it at the door and run away when delivering it.

I got into bed last night and started laughing about all the funny things I would write about it this morning and now for the life of me can’t remember any of the lines I was going to use. BUT you will be pleased to know it is Weds. I think.

My rant a few days back about recycling got more response than any other letter I have sent. Someone asked “who just had peed in my corn flakes“. I challenged others to reduce reuse and recycle, so I carefully watched myself to see that I was up to my challenge. I made a pot of tea, ( found it became too cool too fast.) I did use the sink as a bucket for dishes to sluice them off before going into my 1981 dishwasher. The dog’s bag was a bread bag and had to purchase the biodegradable ones. So waiting to hear from everyone about what they did.

My garage is off its axis just like mistress of the manor. However the visitor that inspected the garage advised me that I was the most interesting person he had met in the last three years in Moncton. He gave me not one, not two but three calendars for 2012. I have ripped out the nice pictures and plan to make a vision board. (Another blast of surgery is scheduled for February 7th) I gave him two of my brochures to take to his wife who works for an insurance company to encourage guests. Off for a day of fun and adventure. Big hug

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