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Love Liver January 18th, 2012

January 18th, 2012

Lucy got her shots. I was reassured that the cyst is nothing to worry about. Second vet to tell me, but you can never get enough assurance. Lucy got lots of liver treats. Lucy and Murphy LOVE liver by the way.  I must try and not feed her too much as she seemed to be hanging onto an extra pound or two from all the rice I fed her a while back for garbage gut. However she is still within ok limits according to the height and weight charts. What is my excuse? Unfortunately  for me A&W just sent around coupons again.

My friend of the flyers dropped them off a day after I went shopping and I discovered I had not missed much.   One of the grocery stores is having a dollar daze and I purchased yogurt for 140 calories per half cup. I saved money, but the calorie consumption chart guarantees that can and it does have a taste.

I am still sore from boot camp two days ago. My arms seem to protesting typing. I go again tonight.  I discovered some new gum and used double was should be sanctioned to keep my mouth going. (I know it doesn’t need any help) After the last class I washed my hair and forgot to take my soap in with me and  used the Soap-works shampoo and conditioner bar instead for that all over glow.  When I climbed out of the tub  I spied some perfume that a guest had left behind. Instead of leaving my fragrance free state alone I squirted away! Many of you know just how hard I have to work at being fragrance free.  Just what happens to me when I deviate from the path? Let me tell you,  I sneezed almost immediately and continued to do so for a while until I woke up  the next morning with my eyes looking like stop signs they were so red. ( the chosen colour this year I know but not for the whites of your eyes)
I proceeded to fill up the humidifier, a pan of water on the heater.  I continued to wet my eyes for almost 24 hours. When that had calmed down I came to realise that the muscles around your  eyes can  hurt and proceeded to bend them back into shape. I then discovered my jaw was not working so well.  Along with other body parts I  also chewed so hard I could not move my jaw.  I took an Advil for that.

I had a good weep for Debbie the new widow when I read the letter over again before posting.

I think I am in good health at the moment

I invited the lady of the flyers for supper and poured Kraft bbq sauce with garlic on chicken, it had worked so well for the pork roast. The  major discovery was that I did not have any more garlic so I cooked an onion in the smashed potatoes, ummm ummm.

Spring is in the air, the weather +6 and windy. SO that proceeded into a frenzy of orderliness that has not been seen in a while. I jumped into spring cleaning mode with  two our of three floors were scrubbed and tubbed. In anticipation of the spring like conditions  I purchased tulips.

 New (kid ) guest in going to paramedic school. Fed him breakfast because his car was behind another guest. I am not supposed to feed him.  Paid cable and vet bill from proceeds however and he is very nice.  Bought bread and could not resist tortillas. Which determined that I was going home for lunch, and not to walk the dog right away.

The Irving Group no longer lets you read their paper without paying, both in the line up and on line.  In the paper which I read for a moment while waiting to pay they said that the skate Canada would reap benefits of up to $5 million. I am waiting for the lotto myself. My brother, the father, said he would pray for more guests. I told him just to go straight to praying for the lotto jackpot please.

The wind is up and I could have hung the laundry out of doors, but since I did not know the temperature was going to be so high I stuck it in the dryer.

Must close and put my wet boots back on my feet and take Lucy for her walk before I go to boot camp.  The weather forecast according to George Carlin is “Dark”

Bug hug,



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