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Car Wash January 07, 2012

January 07, 2012

 I started down the driveway, at the end once again realized  I had lost Wednesday. How did I know this? It was Thursday, there were the neighbors tell tale hints, the garbage bags, Thursday it was.  Really you would think I was used to this by now.

Driving the car was a difficulty. The car is not hot red, but red & white, having crossed many time zones. The windshields on both ends were and are covered in crud. The side windows are saline inspired art work. The mirrors splashed with fluid that is supposed to clean them.  I am waiting for it to warm up to take it to fill it with fuel, so I can also get a car wash.

I know it was way too cold for a car wash. If I did take it now, I would not be able to get into it at all. Currently I have locks that I don’t understand., There is a Morse code sequence that I have yet to figure out to get into it. Once to the left opens just the drivers side while a tap dance to the right could possibly open the rest of the doors. I have too many doors I have to admit. One huge one opens to a non existent trunk. It too has a special clandestine code.  I am just not a high teck kind of gal. I do I think, have to get the energy together to give the car a sponge bath. The dog too come to think of it.

The cat headed off to mark his territory which includes a 65 year old shed. Because of my neighbors snow removal last year my garage is getting more socially conservative, listing to the right.  (I seem to get more wild in old age.)  When I arrived home, from the holidays, the garage door was at an angle that meant someone had been in and that the contents had been stolen. It was too late at night and I was too tired to begin the assessment. It took two days to find out that nothing is missing. Who I ask you would want worn out plastic lawn furniture? I was sure someone did.  The ladder that a painter left me was still there too, along with my signs which are now battered with age. All is well in the garage.  16 year old Grasshopper was leaking life giving fluids, so the floor which was not too bad, gives me a scare and I think the new to me Tomato is about to go under.

I woke up to a nose bleed. The heating system is to blame it dries out the atmosphere, to the point there is not a drop of moisture in it. It looks warmer out, regardless I had to turn up the heat as I have a guest coming from B.C. While extolling the virtues of a bed and breakfast repast,  he was insisting on “just toast’
I told him I turn into the Jewish Mother and cluck for good measure.  He said he did not need another one. When I took his credit card I realized he was Jewish, sometimes I should just shoot myself. Another guest appeared, the one who was last here and cleaned up a visiting dogs calling card while there was a party going on.  Managed a quick trip to the food store and had enough to feed them breakfast but I just don’t know, as I think I bought too many crackers and not butter.

You can tell that I had a completely uneventful life by my last several paragraphs. You think I over focus on the tiny. According to the CBC the afternoon commentator Tchaikovsky was worried that he would run out of ideas, Me too! He worked on a little idea, and made it in to some big music. We artistic types worry that the juice will dry up.

I was informed that there is a golden retriever girl 1 year 2 months out at the shelter.(same age as Lucy, and Libby when I got them.) The last time I even thought about this, Lucy went berserk and I went for a swim in e-coli. ( A river close by here) I will not go and see her, Goldie is her name, needs manners......but socialized. But it breaks the L spell. Mom is Lorna, Liberation from the SPCA aka Libby, Linda, and Lucy is what I am referring to.

I do however have to find Lucy's certificate of rabies to be able to buy a license. I chased her vet around the tri-city area here. This is while the vet made up her mind where she wanted to practice. I just don’t know just what clinic of the three Lucy had her shots. I used to keep her records in the car, but switched cars and on it goes.

The frosty weather continues, not much snow at all. It took about half the five k walk with my cousin and her son’s puppy, Latch to warm up. The first part of the walk was an icy hill. I slipped ending up descending gently on my backside down. The dog completely oblivious. Pushing myself off from side to side, hoping not to glide off into the stream that gurgled beside it.

So with that will glide off upstairs and clean a room.  My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint. ~Erma Bombeck

Big hugs, lg


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