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The Clementine Cake Lives, January 16th, 2012

January 16th, 2011

The Clementine cake lives. The recipe travelling the globe has turned into a pudding for one lady friend. It appears that no two cakes are exactly the same. It also seems that no one person has the same ingredients at home so it changes taste, consistency and apparently colour. Run run little cake!

The amble with Lucy was short, as the temperature was 9 F or -13 C with a wind chill making it much colder.  There is a repeat performance announced for today. I took her for a concise walk, accepted wisdom stating it should and could warm up. Ha! Canada in the winter. (On my list of things to do is a beach house down south and more dancing.)

In out hour was curtailed. Murphy doing just one lap around the house and then curling up on the bottom stair surveying his domain. Then demanding his attention or more of it I should say.

Short walk about a quarter of what we normally do in the afternoon as the wind was operating like a scalpel in an operating room.  What little snow there is squealed  in the almost sub-zero temperatures, depending on your perspective,  under my boots. Lucy did not seem to mind at all my attire or the weather. Bundled up is an understatement  I was wearing my technologically marvellous coat back yet again from the seamstress for its zipper. I came home to change out of my Grampy sweat pants and giant boots to look less like a mutely coloured Tire person and headed off for the night  

Given the bitter cold, pasta restaurants were the order of the day. The town seemed to have the same idea as it was packed. Not a fresh veggie kind of day but an orgy of pasta, manicotti and lots of sauce. In the vain attempt to control calories, I threw in a Caesar salad.  Babble on with a friend how foolish life has become, work or the lack of it, men or the lack of them  and the economy and the lack of that! To think all used to be fixed with a diet. Boot camp still on the agenda, but not with the vigour of youth. I know better now. I know about plump cells and life. Win some loose some but not fat cats or cells.

I have a roomer coming today or tomorrow. The kid will be put in the girlie room, with hopes that I get other more paying guests. He had a space but the other landlord cashed his cheque and magically the room was filled with another person. I received a call from another owner of a bed and breakfast in Carquet. Poof Gabi is on his way. More on him after I meet him. I told father and son we would have a one month trial. So no more sleeping in, as my room is off the kitchen and he will have to get to paramedic school. The huge thing is parking, I have room for bodies but if it snows the parking places  shrinks.   Everybody has a car to walk around the block.

Another buddy, from long ago is planning to visit in March. I knew him when I was a baby in Grad school and somehow now he now older than I am. Another story to come.  I was half expecting  an old guest to return from Oman but the arctic conditions  could kill him. He mumbled something about coming back in January.

Given its Monday new vigour surges thru the week. The catalogue of planned events today calls  for and could include cleaning the fridge, new batteries, watching bank balances descend,  a new portable phone for upstairs, groceries, seeing if La tomato starts and last but not least, purchasing the components for the slurry needed to keep me going to boot camp. Bath oil and Epsom salts. The slurry is at two stores or could be at one, depends. Seize the day takes on a whole new meaning.  I have just maybe recovered from boot camp and here it is again. I may jog around the house as I discovered I put four tea bags in my cup!

Off I go for another day of fun and adventure, you too please! Bug hug. (this is from boot camp, where you balance on a half ball thing and keep moving like an upside down ladybug.)

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