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OFF~ we go January 04, 2012

January 04, 2012.

We, we, the kids, Lucy Patricia and Murphy the Road Scholar from Little Shemogue, and I  made it home to the "Big Little City" here on the banks of the Chocolate River yesterday. The expedition started off in the suburbs of Montreal in subzero temperatures. The Little Tomato the new to me car I drive just would not warm up no matter how fast I drove until I turned left into the province. Given how cold it was it was a surprise that the mighty St Lawrence River was not ice-covered.

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and we were on the thoroughfares earlier than usual. I had spontaneously left the Trans-Canada out of sheer boredom. Taking the exit that would lead me onto the Salmon River Road. I have to tell you nothing but snow and ice. An off road adventure, as the car is newish, and it would shave minutes off my time. I slalomed thru only seeing a brown fox for wild life. The sign at Plaster Rock warned of winter conditions for the next 134 kilometers and then I looked at my gas gauge  The journey back to New Brunswick was all from memory.

My memory I have to say is not very good. An example of this was upon arrival in Montreal, I determined that my mother had all the ingredients for an egg dish that I could not remember the name of. I had to resort to looking in the antiquated recipe book, under egg dishes until I found the word and recipe I was looking for, quiche. Conversations with old friends took on new meaning, as none of us could finish sentences and we had to root around in old memories to complete paragraphs.

I did start the day by stripping and  making my bed. Mom gave me two sheets that were not usable,  one worn, the other torn, third time lucky I got to finish the job. The quality of the sheets from my youth I have to say is much better than what you can purchase nowadays. Mom is saving them for heirlooms. She is I know mending them today.

Lucy of course was concerned I was going to leave her behind and while loading the little car, stuck to me like glue. She would not even carry her toys out to the car. Lucy has never been forgotten one minute in her life I hasten to add.

I thought that I would never get on the road as the CD books that I had taken out of their casings slid down the side of the door. One of the things with a tape is you could have it sticking out of the machine and ready to pop in when ready to listen. I knew I had to stop and get things ordered. I stopped 500 yards from my mothers door which is the service road to the highway. I was worried I was behind schedule at 6 a.m. I got behind a huge truck and crossed the Mercer Bridge without falling in, which is a marvel, if you read the newspapers you know the state of the highways in Quebec.

I actually listened to two CDs, on the way home, one a story about dragons and Saint Georges descendants a la Harry Potter, and another and still had an hour of silence. Murphy, of course, when the disc finished started yowling. (He believes that some one is talking to him for 12 hours straight, even I a known chatter box could not do that. Maybe Elisa my niece could but not me)

I had to on the highway #126 turn the cat’s crate around and pet him thru the bars. We were hurling down the road at top speed as I had not adjusted to being the only one on the road. He was content as he could I think see out the windows. Reversing into the driveway was difficult as I was unused to that gear. Being Gordon's daughter you can never go in reverse, only forward. I unloaded the car and dropped into its heap in the kitchen, the unpacking chore is half done, with this writing.

I transported up all sorts of Maritime goodies, including boxes of Ganong's hard and soft chocolates, frozen lobster, Graves beans and chow-chow. The honey I had purchased to give as gifts, froze on the way up and the blue undertone colour was lost in the haze. poop. I assured people of the colour. Baking these days consisted of boxes of cookies purchased at the local grocery store and not available in Montreal. (Frozen I hasten to add as  I had left them in the car prior to leaving, as they would be safe there, from taste testing.)So Christmas 2011 was well-behaved. Mom is slower and not baking anymore. The flow of groceries did not stop.

The Butterball cooked in the oven that is the same age as me, and the dressing had its picture taken. The main event meal provided leftovers to the point I had Chala bread, turkey and cranberries sandwiches for supper upon my return to Moncton.  (Good Chala is hard to find here in Moncton.) Mom was misty at the letters we all sent and read at the table to her and about her. Hopefully it put an end to her horrible year.

Back came a pair of matching earrings (can you imagine!) and three pink (of course) flannel night gowns, two pairs of slippers and a plastic frog bank (Can be sung to the song the 12 days of Christmas) The frog bank I have determined will be used to save for my trip to Turkey, and Newfoundland. The piece de résistance however is a toilet bowl cleaner in the shape of a giraffe.  I am delighted to say matches my first floor bathroom. It has taken up residence there and looks if I do say so myself very smart. The “table saw” for chopping up cakes I hope is not a reflection I hope of my baking abilities. I have a calendar of photos and a pin from Newfoundland to wear to see that I get it back to the rock.

The grass when I arrived home was greener than most of the summer, and better yet you don't have to mow it. I let the animals out and Lucy unsure what to do as she had not been let out of the car for hours. She was sure I was going to leave her in her own back yard. I gave them water and Murphy promptly threw up on the carpet. I resisted the urge to call emergency vet services as I could not see straight. After calls to let people know I had gotten home I found the bed and slept for 12 hours and would still be there if Murphy had not yowled to go out. He is lucky is has made it to 2012.

Stacks of mail await, dog to walk, library books to go back, loads of wash both cloth and dishes lie ahead as I forgot to turn on the dishwasher when I left, but couldn't anyway as I had drained the pipes. I have used all the milk up I brought with me which means a trip to someplace to get more. I am not sure that I can get behind the wheel of the car just yet. I do however have sandwiches left over, and stale Montreal bagels to keep me going. I do have boot camp tonight, and may die.

I do apologize for not getting to some of the visiting I normally do but I also have to hasten to add I did not get the books read I brought with me either. Tempus fugit.  

Wishing you all the best for the new year ahead, love all round, Linda

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