Thursday, 29 November 2012

More Clementine cake January 13th, 2012

January 13,2012

Gigantic machines in the hours of darkness, moved garbage and then snow. The only time there has been noise on the streets this week, and I have one guest. He is coughing that little hacking breathing cough, adding to the noise level and is probably contagious. I managed to sleep thru it all. He may or may not stay another couple of nights. I need to get my hazmat suit out.  Of course he wants a discount for staying with me. I have given other individuals that opportunity and hesitate to extend this courtesy as  they leave paying the discounted rate after one night. He did go to check on his father, and left all his bits and pieces.

The wintry weather is not supposed to last long, as there is rain in the forecast,  to wash it all away. This winter is the total opposite of last years where we could not see out the windows and had to defrost the roof for a small fortune, because of the ice. This year, I came home and unplugged the wires as it is mild and want of course to save money.  I have spent another small fortune on snow removal. This gentleman has been to the house twice, this year. His final cheque clears yesterday. I may be ahead on heating.

The program “The Nature of Things” last night, was talking about “Obesogens.” How toxins in the water, air and land are causing more fat cells  and the epidemic of obesity and or type two diabetes. Great.  Now I know its not my fault (which I have known my whole life,) but it now confirmed by science that its not just my genes. In my quest for the famous science experiment I froze the Clementine cake to slow down its rate of consumption. It does not zap well I came to find out. After reincarnating it, the cake which was moist to begin with, turns into  is a mushy mess.

I may just put a chunk out, for experimental purposes for the guest. Whose comment when asked if wanted the baked beans with the French toast, his responce was more along the lines of a gourmand “the more food the better”

A creepy observation this morning, While letting Murphy out for his constitutional I noticed that there was a mosquito a tiny baby one, trying to get out. The temperature is such he could continue to exist out there.    

Boot camp tonight, with all the standard operating duties and obligations in the middle of the day such as the walk with Lucy. I went to see on the walk see if it has frozen enough to go for my annual skate. There was more water on the ice than under it. They have not cleared the sidewalks as the rain is supposed to do it cheaper.

I really thought that I would be skiing this year. One of the reasons I am participating in the excise class of the century. I have 10 year old skis both cross country and downhill. That have not been near me since I moved in her. (Note to readers, bed and breakfast digs into ones social life, badly.) However if I had not participated in the boot camp I probably would have been put into an induced coma after I fell down the hills.

Four marketing calls, today most offering me “discounted” cash for credit cards. I am not sure just what that means, but I once followed up on one of these calls and a slick salesman leapt to my door.

So duty calls, hugs


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